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Big Star - O My Soul

Radio City begins with the totemic ‘O My Soul’. Recorded live, in mono, it’s a testament to just how great the three-piece Big Star were at playing off each other (and christ, could Alex Chilton wail!). Although co-written by Chris Bell, he doesn’t appear on the track - not necessarily a bad thing, given how much room every instrument has to breathe. It’s also the longest track in the Big Star catalogue - this is a piece of music that could not be contained by a mere three minutes - so that space is even more important.

Incidentally, the chorus boasts what might just be the cheekiest lyric ever sung on a Big Star track:

“I can’t get a license to drive in my car/but I don’t really need it, if i’m a big star!”

Wishful thinking at its finest, there.

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